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The cynical side of me thinks – “oh no — incense and nik-naks!” when I hear the word “Morpeth”, but to be fair, it is a great little town with genuine history and charm, even if it can be hard to see that clearly sometimes, hidden as it can be behind the old guys on new Harleys and the expensive SUVs etc. that are parked in the main street!

I did manage to find a couple of Old Bicycle treats there today though — Hurrah!

woohoo! - spotted behind campell's store...love it!

For a moment I thought I’d died and gone to bicycle heaven … or at least a recyclist’s paradise of some sort.

$150 o.n.o. ???? ----- they're dreaming!

Spotted for sale – a 5 speed ladies Road King at 150 bucks!! – I guess my red diamond framed 10 speed version was a bargain then, at zilch dollars and in much better condition … truly, I love my Road King but it is a department store bike for heaven’s sake!

the local bmx-ers

I was rather pleased with the above shot of Morpeth suburbia in a back street, away from the tourists.

to see the town in style!

Well, if there’s a better alternative to seeing the town than walking or cycling, it must be this!


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Just a couple of snaps from a recent ride along the Tuggerah Lake Path that follows the lake shoreline from The Entrance toward Wyong. When I have a little more time I will do a ride report on this enjoyable path. I chose my classic Speedwell loop frame bike for the journey – the first decent ride I have had on it : 

Note the seahorse motifs – a nice recurring theme along the track.

my reward - a fish and chip shop, at the entrance - excellent!

To be continued…..

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Happy Cycling !

Waiting for the ferry and watching the ships – on Queen’s Wharf, Newcastle.

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top view of hood and power button

I bought this light recently for travelling Fernleigh Track in the dark on my Road King bike. It’s a “Cree” type LED rated at 170 lumens (fwiw!), and has a slug-like proprietary Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that pushes in the back and twists to lock or unlock. The suggested charging time is 5 hours and battery depletion is around 3/6.5/14 hours on high/med/low brightness settings. I won’t be using the 15hr. flash setting though, as I don’t like flicker on headlights. The light has a solidly made aluminium bezel and weighs around 130g., designed and assembled (?) in the US.

front view of LED and hood

So far it has performed well on the track and city roads – I have used it mainly in the total dark for around 40kms., and another 20kms. of city streets and paths and find even the low setting quite adequate for me in good conditions. The higher settings are better for faster riding and rainy weather. It has a long bright throw and a fairly narrow beam, with not a lot of illumination to the sides, which is fine for the Fernleigh Track, rabbits aside !

rear view - the circular cover forms part of the battery and the sealed charge socket is just above it

The bezel has an effective little hood on top that prevents any stray light from dazzling the rider. The power button has a faint green locating glow that doubles as a charging indicator light and the LED light itself has a slight greenish hue to the white beam. The light also makes a good hand held torch when removed from its bracket.

the mounting bracket

The Cygolite 170 comes with an AC adapter charger and a USB charging cable. It’s not cheap but appears well designed and made.

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Time is of the essence —- there’s no time to stop, just point and shoot, to catch the fleeting colours of mixed lighting at dawn —- All shots taken with my Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5. The motion blurs give the pictures a sense of fleeting life that I find hard to achieve any other way. Detail becomes relatively unimportant in this scenario as the motions of bike and subject merge —- one needs time for the sky to lighten, yet time is the spoiler — as the sun rises into brightness the magic of blur solidifies and the motion effects are lost to the hard light and fast shutters of daytime.

passage - there is 24 hour low light here

my shadow

a lonely glebe road

king street tanker

honeysuckle drive



Ironically for photographers, the low-tech and low-spec cameras can often do this much better … slow lenses, no flash, no image stabilising —- and I like to push the bloggie to its limits in low light to see what happens.



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The rain had cleared last night for a moonlit morning ride :

headlight on the track

honeysuckle drive runner

quiet harbour blur

ferry wharf

after sunrise - from stockton

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