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My bike re-cycling activities have gone somewhat quiet lately, due to work commitments and such – not to mention that I now have far too many bikes already to add any more – sigh … however, there are some re-recyclings of (and additions to) my existing bicycles being planned. In the meantime, here are some recent “Out and About” shots taken on local cycling forays :

gazelle and pelicans – swansea

fishing – belmont south

young cyclist – newcastle harbour

red trike – blacksmiths

tuggerah cycle path

from swansea bridge

in jesmond park

moving rider (bloggie lo-lite) – newastle harbour

‘Til next time …




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Late afternoon “bloggie” photos on Fernleigh track – letting the low-light blur create its own atmosphere, as I am inclined to do:

an invitation to rest

child’s play

daydreaming at speed





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Not Darby, nor Beaumont … Newcastle’s main street ex-mall seemed to be where it was all happening today, and I should know, as I rode around all three streets.

Newcastle East was the most appealing place with the buskers, sunny/shady streets, busy cafes and a small shop/market retail atmosphere . The slow 10km/hr car traffic doesn’t seem to upset things and is easy for cyclists to keep up with.

Here is a sample of the interesting bikes on show :

i like! – a pink raleigh cameo

I have to say, I love this Raleigh and I have seen a white 3-speed S.A. geared Cameo locally, it’s also a lovely bike …

now that’s a cargo bike!

great cafe atmosphere

a dishevelled looking oldie – the bike, of course!

not in the mall, but i find these current giant “via” models quite appealing

by contrast, darby street could only manage this nice looking linus

a reflective recyclist at the bond store facade

And finally, correct me if I’m wrong – I seem to recognise this next cyclist as Newcastle’s one and only Dr Behooving a.k.a. Steven Fleming of Cycle-Space, which just goes to show that no matter how nonchalantly you ride a Dutch bakfiets down Hunter Street wearing a bowler hat and shiny leather shoes, in this provincial regional city – you will be spotted !

an inconspicuous newcastle cyclist ?…

Happy Cycling !

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Is a low sun and crystalline light …

from the harbour – wickham

to the suburbs – jesmond


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Just a quick update on the Long Jetty Raleigh Stowaways … there seems to have been an identity crisis of sorts!

Last time it was a blue single speed doing the advertising, now the red 3-speed has taken over the top job.

I liked to see them both together, but perhaps someone made a good offer for the blue one?

first there was one …

then along came another…

now the usurper

and the only one left

Now, I like a good mystery, but one day I’ll walk in and ask …



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Hmm, what to do when your recycled old commuter doesn’t have fittings for a bidon cage?

Well, I found this Tioga brand handlebar mounted one in a local bike shop (LBS) – but in black… anyway, I bought it .

I was hoping for plain alloy to match the road king’s other shiny fittings and brown tones…also, on its first use the bottle bounced out on a big bump and nearly smashed due to the loose fit and springiness in this cage.

My solution was to twine it, not that it was a neat or easy job, but here goes :

as it was – black and springy

taped, twined and starting to shellac

ta daa! — rough’n’ready damping

at last – a bottle in front of me that stays put

The job was done with two single pieces of twine, and the hardest part was to finish the winding so that the twine ends don’t unravel off the double sided tape when first wet with shellac, and also to negotiate the many changes in radius of the curved shape without leaving gaps…

I cheated somewhat by clamping the ends with a bulldog clip after shellacking, then recoating gently when dry, and finally putting a spot of clear epoxy on it, just in case!

I feel that if I did another of these I could improve on this one, but am generally happy with the result. It matches the twined kickstand fairly well.

Perhaps it’s otherwise easier to twine the bottle?

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It’s easy to take the ability to ride for granted, most of us have been doing it since we were kids … but for those who have not, it can be a scary experience.

nervously pushing off …

Yet given a bright autumn day on a quiet stretch of cycle path with a basic, easy to use, low geared bicycle and some patience, miracles may happen even for those who lack all confidence.

some time later

This is the department store Roadmaster bike I restored and slightly modified last year (at a very minimal cost) for just such a purpose…

dahon and roadmaster

It was an 18 speed to 6 speed down conversion, I dumped the horrid flat bars, fitted a better seat and a rack I that already had.

Next lesson is gearchanges!

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