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Here’s a couple of wrecks found in my travels through Swansea, a town that is almost at sea level and prone to storm/tidal floods. I actually wonder if Swansea will still be there in a hundred years, what with the sea-level rises predicted.

dragged from the undergrowth

dragged from the undergrowth

Anyhow the bikes are fine examples of the effects of salt on steel and alloy. The steel rims had rusted away leaving hub and spokes, and the stepthrough was completely un-salvageable. Even the intrepid recyclist walked away…

check the chainwheel - and walk away

check the chainwheel holes – and walk away

shame about this one - though it's nothing really special

shame about this one – nice, ¬†though it’s nothing really special

I managed to save a nice Sakae Ringo 60mm stem from the Univega, and an alloy Hsin Lung (Taiwanese) drop handlebar. Sadly the duralumin cranks were no good. I got the left one off, but the threads on the right were too far gone. That’s the down-side to square tapered alloy cranks – once those internal threads are gone the crank puller can’t do its job. Ah, well.

this SR stem cleaned up OK

this SR stem cleaned up OK

The only way I was able to save the alloy stem is that it was ¬†inserted only just above the wedge so wasn’t electrolytically corrosion-welded to the steel steerer as is usual – amazing ! Lucky the previous owner didn’t injure themselves though…

yikes !

yikes !

Here’s a sneak preview of the Repco on the header shot, that I’ve been re-working. To be featured next time.

forever swansea ...

forever swansea …


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