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Novocastrians, don’t forget the Spring Ride this Sunday commencing from Nobbys. A very safe and easy route followed by breakfast . Check out “Bicycles in Newcastle” – ( see blogroll right hand side ) for details.

This little red bike won’t be ready in time though, it’s a Wooly’s Wheels mixte ( apparently there is still a Wooly’s Wheels bike shop in Paddington ). It was a very cheap buy that I considered worth the price just for the anodised alloy 27″ Araya rims, the Suzue “sealed tech” hubs in good nick, the 52/36T “Custom” compact chainset and long cage Shimano rear derailleur. I will use them to convert one of my other bikes to a ‘semi-tourer’ and fit a simpler gear to this one.

The KKT pro vic II pedals will be worth servicing too. The chain set has a fixed big ring, so it isn’t great, but it looks reasonably light .

56cm seat tube but short head tube means smaller riders than i will fit well

56cm seat tube but short head tube means a long stem or forward lean…

The tubing is Tange 5 – which is a plain gauge  (PG)  Cr-Mo by the looks of it. At least it has 100mm wide fork dropouts though the rear are 126mm not 130mm.

seamless cromo ... not butted

seamless cromo … not butted

still the address ?

still the address ?

also some nice kkt pro vic II alloy pedals in good condition

 some nice kkt pro vic II alloy pedals in good serviceable condition

a reasonable and  practical compact 52/36T chain set

a reasonable and practical compact 52/36T chain set

See you Newcastle folk on Sunday !


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speedwell rebuild. swansea

speedwell rebuild. swansea

Being someome who loves to photograph bicycles, I often ride around looking for interesting backdrops while imagining how my bike will look in front of them. This doesn’t always do wonders for my point to point times – but who’s counting anyway ?

road chief - swansea

tunnel lighting, road chief – swansea

Graffiti sometimes catches the eye, but doesn’t always make for a good bike photo because it can compete strongly for attention and  lead that eye on a merry journey away from the bike.

this one is a bit lost - speedwell popular, swansea

this one is a bit messy and lost – speedwell popular, swansea

Sometimes this can work well as long as you aren’t trying to show the bike’s details. The overall impression could be one of the bicycle being at one with the urban lifestyle, as of course it is …

where's the bike ? - repco traveller

where’s the bike ? – repco traveller

Graffiti varies in its intensity  and the simpler or more calm varieties with larger flat areas will sometimes work quite well to complement detail and add interest to the picture.

shogun samurai

shogun samurai

It can help to re-position the bike a few times checking that areas of similar tone and colour aren’t super imposed and the details lost ( a good idea for bike photography in general ).

I try but don’t always find time.

malvern star L.A.84 - newcastle

malvern star L.A.84 – newcastle

If you have the time, also try re-positioning  the bike to see how merging the  rhythm and lines of the bike and the graffiti can enhance the photo.

grandfather's speedwell popular - belmont

grandfather’s speedwell popular – belmont

Rules in photography are only guidelines that may beg to be broken.

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