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speedwell rebuild. swansea

speedwell rebuild. swansea

Being someome who loves to photograph bicycles, I often ride around looking for interesting backdrops while imagining how my bike will look in front of them. This doesn’t always do wonders for my point to point times – but who’s counting anyway ?

road chief - swansea

tunnel lighting, road chief – swansea

Graffiti sometimes catches the eye, but doesn’t always make for a good bike photo because it can compete strongly for attention and  lead that eye on a merry journey away from the bike.

this one is a bit lost - speedwell popular, swansea

this one is a bit messy and lost – speedwell popular, swansea

Sometimes this can work well as long as you aren’t trying to show the bike’s details. The overall impression could be one of the bicycle being at one with the urban lifestyle, as of course it is …

where's the bike ? - repco traveller

where’s the bike ? – repco traveller

Graffiti varies in its intensity  and the simpler or more calm varieties with larger flat areas will sometimes work quite well to complement detail and add interest to the picture.

shogun samurai

shogun samurai

It can help to re-position the bike a few times checking that areas of similar tone and colour aren’t super imposed and the details lost ( a good idea for bike photography in general ).

I try but don’t always find time.

malvern star L.A.84 - newcastle

malvern star L.A.84 – newcastle

If you have the time, also try re-positioning  the bike to see how merging the  rhythm and lines of the bike and the graffiti can enhance the photo.

grandfather's speedwell popular - belmont

grandfather’s speedwell popular – belmont

Rules in photography are only guidelines that may beg to be broken.


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ahhh, green again...

ahhh, going green again…

Everything’s gone green again after days of rain, courtesy of the leftovers from tropical cyclone Oswald up north. I’m riding around on the pink “turbo” mixte to check out the effects …

at swansea heads

wild and moody – at swansea heads

back from the beach

back from the beach


alternative header shot, marks point

alternative header shot, marks point

Feeling mellow, so let’s change the blog header…

Here’s some recent bike miscellany :

rat-bike, belmont

loop framed rat-bike, belmont

cecil basks in the previous week's heat

cecil basks in the previous week’s heat

cecil at stockton

cecil at stockton

in the tunnel

in the tunnel

Happy Riding !




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After reading a post on bicycle burnout from the “Lovely Bicycle” blog, I thought about my own commute to work that is some 25-30kms each way. It’s not an easy thing to do two days in a row, so I don’t, and I take it at my own pace, now being in the fifty something-or-other club.

However when I can, it’s so much nicer than driving even if it does make for a long day, as the views of the harbour are quite stunning on many mornings, and I get to hear birds waking up on the Fernleigh Track while riding with the sound of fallen leaves rustling in my slipstream.

three bikes on the track

quiet outskirts

harbour sunrise

the same morning

and a different one, same place

a bulker glinting

following a fellow cyclist – quite fast enough, thanks


the ship “kite” – early morning


The ride home is harder as I have to deal with more city traffic, as well as the steepest hills on the last leg, and falling darkness at this time of year. There is a feeling of tired accomplishment on arriving home, without the mental stress of the many traffic light queue stops I face when travelling by car – and how many photos would I have taken from my car ?


“kite” leaving that same afternoon

other comings and goings


But while my legs may tell me to take a break the next morning, I consider the extra time taken as offsetting the long rides I would have to take on my days off to maintain a level of fitness, and I can do other things like my bike recycling without feeling stressed or frustrated.

Like riding a bike itself, life is all about keeping a balance.

Happy Cycling !

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After two rainy days followed by a clear night on Wednesday we had a thick fog. Not to be missed, if you love doing photography …

i put a tail on this single speed …

he was going quite quickly

my favourite shot of the series

ferry wharf, newcastle

my ten speed commuter cooling down …

from the ferry newcastle looks like venice …

stockton – the other side

Passengers were assured by the conductor that these ferries have excellent radar. Newcastle is possibly the world’s largest coal export port, with many huge bulkers coming and going, as well as the fishing and pleasure craft. A good mornings ride !









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the rain is back …

everything a-wash in a minute !

There must be an old proverb that says “He/she who rides fastest in the rain gets the wettest bum”, or so it seemed, as I was passed by lots of riders with sporty G.T. stripes up their backs today.

I always bless my mudguards on such days, as I tootle merrily along on the wet track…

my trusty speedwell

wetter the better ?


Just as in a car – if you go too fast, you can miss things:

today on the harbour

a picture waiting to be taken …


I am also grateful for hub/coaster brakes in the rain as the spongy rim brakes do their “zero G” thingy. What luxury – on this bike I have both !

Disc brakes ? Too complicated, leave them on cars, thanks…

a rain-foresty fernleigh track 

Anyway rainy+cloudy+sunny days are often great for landscape photography, even if there aren’t many lovely bikes around.

a friendly dude at the beach


three on a misty lens

Is there some kind of message here ?


Today was something of a fluoro safety vest day, and don’t those boring things just spoil good bike photos ? The tunnel, however, always has something to offer …

hand in the air

and a dark ghost who walks in the sodium glare

All pics were taken today.



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My bike re-cycling activities have gone somewhat quiet lately, due to work commitments and such – not to mention that I now have far too many bikes already to add any more – sigh … however, there are some re-recyclings of (and additions to) my existing bicycles being planned. In the meantime, here are some recent “Out and About” shots taken on local cycling forays :

gazelle and pelicans – swansea

fishing – belmont south

young cyclist – newcastle harbour

red trike – blacksmiths

tuggerah cycle path

from swansea bridge

in jesmond park

moving rider (bloggie lo-lite) – newastle harbour

‘Til next time …



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Late afternoon “bloggie” photos on Fernleigh track – letting the low-light blur create its own atmosphere, as I am inclined to do:

an invitation to rest

child’s play

daydreaming at speed





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