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Tunnel Vision :


a mossy blur glides by –

and the old brick walls are flying –

at this still point – here am i –

as morning’s light is dying



cadence breaks on a falling grade –

the empty breeze peels away long years

to forgotten days when a child played –

in an observer’s dream – of engineers



there are murmurs from the other side –

airflow whispers in the spokes –

“speak to me – you will confide –

in whom this atmosphere invokes”



curving shadows replicate

all stretched between the blue –

’til portals bleed into a flare –

without – a shining view



a drifting vision subterranean –

through artless art of decades gone –

as i felt the sun and rain again –

i was lost in thought, still riding on …



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at first i saw a fleeting shadow

from the corner of my eye

too faint to be of consequence

too dark to plain deny



that sneaking shape would follow me

then quickly dart away

yet as the years run faster,

more or less, it’s here to stay



well, it probably was always there

though you or I might say :

“I really never used to see it,

as I rode this carefree way.”



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Some times i feel a hundred

and others more like twenty-two :

some times all this depends upon

how near i am – to you  … lol …



when i head out in the breeze –

those nasty numbers fall away

and i forget my rusty knees

as i ride to seize the day



i love to watch the seabirds

as they cry and wheel so slow –

and if the years could further roll away …

i might become – an embryo.


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Me :

On a windswept ride down to the sea

I pondered upon my destiny,

and wondered what old age might bring

this (almost) senior citizen..


The Sea :

“Seek meaning, my child, in the simplest things,

not sporty cars or such last-ditch flings..

and when photography, bikes and silly verse are vices,

you’ve  grown far too young for a mid-life crisis…”



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