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Gazelle Innergy

Rider's view - Gazelle Innergy

In the final post from last weekend’s Lake escapade in the now forgotten oppressive heat, here are some of the electric bikes at the festival, ranging from the subtle Gazelle Innergy to a slightly scary e-velomobile. The only one I rode was the Gazelle, and there was no obvious indication of the electric motor other than the large front hub and handlebar mounted LED panels. The battery is hidden discreetly under the rear rack.

I would have liked to ride it up a hill, but there were none ! It felt quicker accelerating than a normal bike without any feeling of power surges, perhaps because the motor power supplied is proportional to the pedalling effort – so it seems that you are the one doing all the work !

I didn't see any pedalling happening at all on this one ...

There was a range of these "Ezee Sprint" Chinese made bikes.

A Dahon folder with a friction drive on the back wheel...

Some experimental looking road bikes.

From an eco-friendly view point I think it’s worth remembering that, unless you are fortunate enough to be generating e.g. solar electrical power at home, in this country these bikes are mostly coal-powered, and their exhaust comes from a smoke stack far away – but that may be far too cynical of me…. they are at least a better prospect than the noisy 2-stroke petrol engine assisted bikes that seem to be getting more popular around Newcastle and the Lake.

Yikes ! - you wouldn't get me into one of these ...

e-velomobile cockpit.

Charge here ?

Interesting, but for me – legs rule !


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