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a gathering of mamils

a small gathering of mamils

Riding past Speers Point Park on Sunday, wondering how come, if two thirds of our population are overweight or obese, there are so many Middle Aged Men In Lycra ( MAMILs) about on their road bikes ?

mawils ? too ...

some mawils ? too …

And women too – were they all attempting to reduce the burden of medical bills on our society by getting fit ? That’s got to be a good thing …

I would add, however, that some men just shouldn’t wear the clingy stuff until their tummies shrink a bit more …

Apparently, it was all in aid of “Loop the Lake” an annual cycling event for Lake Macquarie, the largest (I think) saltwater lake anywhere … ( is it 85km around? ). Not too many photo ops. for me though, as there weren’t many classic bikes to be seen on this day. All modern roadie stuff as you might expect.

typical mamil apparatus

your typical mamil apparatus

As we rolled on by, I wondered about those riders who ride everywhere on the road when there are perfectly good cycle paths in parallel. I suppose it’s faster ? Guess that makes me a MIMIC ( Mildly Indifferent Man In Cotton ) as I prefer relative peace to the cut-and-thrust of the main road, unless I have no other choice.

Though the cycle paths can also be obstacle courses sometimes, the views are usually better ..

the slow lane ...

the slow lane …


And so it was then, that we joined the families on a day of slow cycling to the art gallery bazaar, and back again.

plenty of parking

plenty of parking at the gallery …

fellow commuters

fellow commuters



the path well travelled

See Ya then, on the path well travelled !




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An event forming part of NSW Bike Week, the community fun ride from 9am to 11am this morning was well attended, with hire bikes, live music, a prize draw,  and free coffee/breakfast. There were bike safety checks courtesy of Hadley Cycles.

Bernie, a well known Newcastle cycling advocate had a great range of Dutch and classic bikes on display, and for hire. It was encouraging to see so many young people hiring bikes to enjoy the track on a warm September morning, perhaps to be further inspired to get into cycling.

a pre-ride adjustment

heading off …

for all ages

This aftermarket electric assist converted Gazelle Cabby (below) was very popular – I wonder if Gazelle will do one “in-house” ?

ploughing furrows

family taxi – note the front electro hub

smile !

jazzy vanmoof 3-speed with B68 saddle

an impressive huka (?) cargo bike 

a dutch lekker bike

three classics

Above from the front, the unidentified silver bike had lovely ornate lugwork but was mostly non-original (what a great project!), the second, an original Malvern Star “Roadstar” step-thru, then an original red Repco 10-speed.

Bernie and passenger in the cabby

The park at Whitebridge is roughly the centre and the highest point of the track, and there were rides in both directions from there.

A pleasant morning indeed …













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Here is an enjoyable ride of a few kilometres almost totally free of car traffic via the shared path around the narrower northern end of Lake Macquarie. Very popular with walkers as well, it’s not a racetrack – in spite of what some road cyclists seem to think.

This path badly needs connection with Belmont and Fernleigh though, I have to drive there unless I really want to chance my arm with trucks on the narrow Eleebana S-bends….it’s so close, and yet so far!

raising malvern star-dust..

just past warners bay

hey, bro !

skater & walkers

a beautiful house and garden ...

no yachts on tuesday

Today I took a diversion down to Boolaroo, the “country town” on the lake that was held back in time by the Sulphide Works (Pasminco), now gone from here – only some heavy metal remains — Plumbum that is (Pb).

Boolaroo even has an LBS – with a red Apollo step through on show out front :

an apollo - new!

Boolaroo is quite photogenic :

an old servo, main road

these days, i'm spoiled for choice! - today is single speed day..

and the house next door...

main street surprise


It’s an easy and mainly level ride and you can go further around to the Lake Macquarie Art Gallery (and beyond, if you then take the road). Try it !

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A few recent shots of Fernleigh Track folk :

downhill to adamstown

a head full of light

stopped for a moment

hey !

in pink

who's walking who ?

heading home


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The Speedwell Popular at Swansea dual lift span bridge today :

don't waste the day ...

Mudguards, hub brake, relaxed steering angles, a new Brooks and new pedals … what more could I want on a rainy day?

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testing the new saddle - i could ride all day

life's a breeze - why fight it?

The best thing about riding out into a headwind is that you know you’ll have fun coming back – so I took the chance to get out there and have some fun – I wasn’t the only one…

i like to stop and watch sometimes

using wind energy

a holiday shared path obstacle course - to be negotiated

Happy Cycling!

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