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Now I’m not an activist by any stretch, and would not like to have my car stolen either, ┬ábut could Lake Macquarie council please stop wasting our rates money on backhandedly advertising cycling as inconvenient, uncomfortable and a poor alternative to driving?

Or is it me just reading something into this ? At the very least they should hire an advertising agency that knows what they are doing ….



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Why is it that you rarely see bikes parked outside gymnasiums? Is it inconvenient if you happen to make a pickup there (teehee)? (Then buy a Brompton!) Will it detract from your performance on the high tech equipment if you are already exercised when you arrive?

Have you so little time that you can only drive – or did you just not think about riding there, or don’t own a pushbike? Who knows ? Maybe it’s just that regular cyclists don’t feel the need to go to gyms ? Anyway, Happy Treadmilling ….

well, i couldn't work it out ...

The other ┬árecent “hmmm” thing I saw was on an ad for the ABC four corners program last night. A retiree hit by the global financial crisis was shown leaving home on his bicycle with a backpack — a not so subliminal stereotype of poverty ? Sigh … we’ve still a long way to go.

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