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Novocastrians  – don’t forget the tweed ride Sunday :

be there !

be there !

No tweed ? Nevermind … just old-fashioned should do.

keep trying ...

i keep trying …

Here are two potential tweed steeds – and there’s no need for speed :

roadmaster gx sports 10 speed (post-tweed era)

a nice roadmaster gx sports 10 speed 

bsa bermuda

bsa bermuda

The older, the better … See Ya There !


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Well, the Southern Hemisphere winter is still here, along with the associated aches and pains, but here’s a cheerful little gadget to my rescue, one that I’ve owned since my old motorcycling days.

it’s magic !

It’s called a “Peacock Pocket Warmer” and is a kind of miniature hot water bottle in its comforting effect. The warmer runs on butane lighter fuel and has a lower chamber filled with absorbent wadding to hold the fluid.

name your poison …

Above this is a wick that uses platinum as a catalyst to burn the fluid safely without flame, to heat up the warmer and thereby warm thy miserable self …

the magic is in the middle

The sequence is to fill with fluid first (more fluid is hotter and lasts longer), then put the wick on and light for 15 seconds, after that you snuff the flame out with the perforated cover, wait for in to heat up a little, then put into the pouch – and “Bingo” … sweet relief accompanied by a faint, vaguely intoxicating hydrocarbon scent – like burning aviation gasoline !

15 second light up !

The warmer sits in its own pouch so it doesn’t burn your skin. I’ve used mine in a breast pocket in the past, but currently have some lower back pain so have wrapped it under a belt between singlet and shirt where it gives some relief from the aches, partly actual comfort, as well as some psychological “feel good”, I’m sure.

the peacock’s hideaway…

These are probably still available in some form or other and are great for dry outdoor activities in winter. On a bike you don’t overheat with it as it only warms a small area. Mine is around 30 years old and has had infrequent use, but for those times when my poor old bones really need some comfort in the cold – it’s magic.

it’s cool on the bike today … ’til the hills that is

Happy Cycling !

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