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the rain is back …

everything a-wash in a minute !

There must be an old proverb that says “He/she who rides fastest in the rain gets the wettest bum”, or so it seemed, as I was passed by lots of riders with sporty G.T. stripes up their backs today.

I always bless my mudguards on such days, as I tootle merrily along on the wet track…

my trusty speedwell

wetter the better ?


Just as in a car – if you go too fast, you can miss things:

today on the harbour

a picture waiting to be taken …


I am also grateful for hub/coaster brakes in the rain as the spongy rim brakes do their “zero G” thingy. What luxury – on this bike I have both !

Disc brakes ? Too complicated, leave them on cars, thanks…

a rain-foresty fernleigh track 

Anyway rainy+cloudy+sunny days are often great for landscape photography, even if there aren’t many lovely bikes around.

a friendly dude at the beach


three on a misty lens

Is there some kind of message here ?


Today was something of a fluoro safety vest day, and don’t those boring things just spoil good bike photos ? The tunnel, however, always has something to offer …

hand in the air

and a dark ghost who walks in the sodium glare

All pics were taken today.




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My bike re-cycling activities have gone somewhat quiet lately, due to work commitments and such – not to mention that I now have far too many bikes already to add any more – sigh … however, there are some re-recyclings of (and additions to) my existing bicycles being planned. In the meantime, here are some recent “Out and About” shots taken on local cycling forays :

gazelle and pelicans – swansea

fishing – belmont south

young cyclist – newcastle harbour

red trike – blacksmiths

tuggerah cycle path

from swansea bridge

in jesmond park

moving rider (bloggie lo-lite) – newastle harbour

‘Til next time …



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Late afternoon “bloggie” photos on Fernleigh track – letting the low-light blur create its own atmosphere, as I am inclined to do:

an invitation to rest

child’s play

daydreaming at speed





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a bloggie lo-lite shot

gull wings

it’s getting there

a street cleaner

a lonely buoy


solar rays

gold and grey – a kind of beauty

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A few recent shots of Fernleigh Track folk :

downhill to adamstown

a head full of light

stopped for a moment

hey !

in pink

who's walking who ?

heading home


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Taken on a misty morning commute today …

broadmeadow rail

verandah (impression)



toward orica


the high level bridge

road king

Was I awake ?


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Awoke to stars, left under clouds …. racing from the dark and rain — only a couple of hardy ones on the track this morning. Light reflecting puddles in the city — I missed the worst and found the best, on a starry-cloudy morning :

harbour icon #1

harbour icon #2

the sky is falling

morning rise

shared path

into the trees

orica in grey

dreaming blur

Here’s to underwater sunlight.

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