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Tunnel Vision :


a mossy blur glides by –

and the old brick walls are flying –

at this still point – here am i –

as morning’s light is dying



cadence breaks on a falling grade –

the empty breeze peels away long years

to forgotten days when a child played –

in an observer’s dream – of engineers



there are murmurs from the other side –

airflow whispers in the spokes –

“speak to me – you will confide –

in whom this atmosphere invokes”



curving shadows replicate

all stretched between the blue –

’til portals bleed into a flare –

without – a shining view



a drifting vision subterranean –

through artless art of decades gone –

as i felt the sun and rain again –

i was lost in thought, still riding on …



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Me :

On a windswept ride down to the sea

I pondered upon my destiny,

and wondered what old age might bring

this (almost) senior citizen..


The Sea :

“Seek meaning, my child, in the simplest things,

not sporty cars or such last-ditch flings..

and when photography, bikes and silly verse are vices,

you’ve  grown far too young for a mid-life crisis…”



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