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I’m happy to say that cycling seems alive and well in the capital, and whilst upright hybrid bikes with suspension forks are in the majority, that’s probably a good thing.

They might not be very interesting to bicycle afficionados but they are, after all, the modern equivalent of the old roadster bicycle i.e. solid and dependable daily transport for the non-bicycle obsessed public.

There is also a rental service for sightseeing around Lake Burley Griffin and beyond, along with plenty of cycle paths and bike racks.

Worth considering if you like the idea of cycling, art, and architecture as a combined cultural experience.

lekker bike

lekker bike

In a city with so many bicycles there were bound to be some classics, but I’m sorry to say I wasn’t in a frame of mind or quick enough to get many grab shots.¬† I was more intent on chasing flowers at Floriade 2013, which was into its last weekend. The few isolated bike photos here are deceptive because the city centre was actually crowded with dozens of parked bikes this last weekend.

an electra at bungendore

an electra at bungendore

Even though many of Floriade’s blooms were past their prime they had the same kind of effect on me as a patina’d old classic bike. Even the spent flowers had their own kind of beauty :

spent blooms

new and old blooms

last days

last days

There’s no need to restore an old flower though – just compost it and grow a new one !

Anyway, before I get too far off track – here’s a Haro MTB that I spotted, with similar lines to my BMX project frame. It seemed to be living at the historic pub in Bungendore.

Happy Cycling !


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darby street evening

This was a good opportunity to view some of Newcastle’s more interesting bikes and riders:

chained to a post …

they were a kona, a something and a repco

There were plenty of steel framed ten-speeds :

apollo ten speed

a basket … and an alley view

another apollo

a malvern star “triathlete”

a rusty apollo step-through

and again

some likely lads

a more modern jamis

an old ricardo mtb

twilight in darby street

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black swan dahon

Finding this bike was one of those unexpected events – It’s so handy I keep it in the car for other unexpected events …

swansea bike shop cruisers

Harleys with pedals ?

i did a double take here …

I thought this passenger above looked a bit creepy at first, but that’s just me …

red reidcycles step thru

This seems a simple low cost bike, but bright red is hard to ignore, especially with those panniers.

Happy Cycling !



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Spotted in Waratah the other day :

“two-wheelers” chatting

Happy Cycling !


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Where is everyone ? – it’s not that cold out !

Perhaps they didn’t want to be seen on their bike today because they are having a Monday sickie.

Anyway, there were only a few interesting bikes out, and I had to work hard to find them :

a red trek

a malvern star wisp

my speedwell in “theatre lane”

I travelled quite far today on this single speed bike, and was no more tired than I would be on my geared bikes.


safety conscious – do volvo make bikes at all ?

a fisherman’s trike grab-shot-fly-by

an annoying flashing headlight behind me in the tunnel

Yes, that’s my shoulder bottom right …

a bikespotting spotted cat

See Ya !


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My bike re-cycling activities have gone somewhat quiet lately, due to work commitments and such – not to mention that I now have far too many bikes already to add any more – sigh … however, there are some re-recyclings of (and additions to) my existing bicycles being planned. In the meantime, here are some recent “Out and About” shots taken on local cycling forays :

gazelle and pelicans – swansea

fishing – belmont south

young cyclist – newcastle harbour

red trike – blacksmiths

tuggerah cycle path

from swansea bridge

in jesmond park

moving rider (bloggie lo-lite) – newastle harbour

‘Til next time …



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Not Darby, nor Beaumont … Newcastle’s main street ex-mall seemed to be where it was all happening today, and I should know, as I rode around all three streets.

Newcastle East was the most appealing place with the buskers, sunny/shady streets, busy cafes and a small shop/market retail atmosphere . The slow 10km/hr car traffic doesn’t seem to upset things and is easy for cyclists to keep up with.

Here is a sample of the interesting bikes on show :

i like! – a pink raleigh cameo

I have to say, I love this Raleigh and I have seen a white 3-speed S.A. geared Cameo locally, it’s also a lovely bike …

now that’s a cargo bike!

great cafe atmosphere

a dishevelled looking oldie – the bike, of course!

not in the mall, but i find these current giant “via” models quite appealing

by contrast, darby street could only manage this nice looking linus

a reflective recyclist at the bond store facade

And finally, correct me if I’m wrong – I seem to recognise this next cyclist as Newcastle’s one and only Dr Behooving a.k.a. Steven Fleming of Cycle-Space, which just goes to show that no matter how nonchalantly you ride a Dutch bakfiets down Hunter Street wearing a bowler hat and shiny leather shoes, in this provincial regional city – you will be spotted !

an inconspicuous newcastle cyclist ?…

Happy Cycling !

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