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A cool wind change has dropped the temperature – now’s my chance to take CW for a longer ride, to Newcastle and back in a morning. I can only do hermit-like bike restoration for so long before I have to get out and about  in the world :

a bush break at whitebridge

a bush break at whitebridge

And some fun in the tunnel on the way in :

exiting hyperspace

exiting hyperspace

Newcastle is full of bikes and riders in holiday mode – the young girl’s step-through was a refurbished classic small 10-speed. Very cool.

the yacht club at wickham - bike central ?

the yacht club at wickham – bike central ?


school holidays means a ride to town - at throsby creek

school holidays means a ride to town – at throsby creek

There’s plenty to see along the harbour : it’s always the same, but different.

the harbour - ever changing

the harbour – ever changing

And I’m getting used to that “flip of the toe clip”, but they can still catch me out. You won’t see me wearing those clipless thingys though – at least I can choose my own shoes with these, not some daggy pseudo-runners.

thanks mr christophe

thanks mr christophe

what-the ?

what-the ?

Can anyone tell me what the above eccentric looking quasi-recumbent bike is ? Spotted leaving the tunnel … it may be home made.

who's that nutcase ?

whose is that nutcase ?

Tunnel’s so bright I gotta wear shades ! But so cool and breezy heading home.

fun in the tunnel

cecil in the tunnel

The Brooks hammered copper rivets do shine up very nicely after a 3-hour bum polishing ! ( Makes note to do that more often ).

home and shiny

home and shiny

The End


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Well, I had a medical appointment in Newcastle, so I made the most of it from an early start :

fernleigh track duckpond

Cool morning with a wind chill …

gazelle in fallen flowers – adamstown

And a ferry ride later ..

stockton cemetery

I haven’t been to this cemetery before, and was the only one here today .

hunter river view

From the Stockton cycle path – one of the ever changing views.

cyclist in tunnel

I never tire of chasing odd “lo-lite” shots in here …

back on fernleigh track – i forgot – it’s school holidays …

All in all, a pleasant day stretching the Gazelle’s legs, as it were.

Ride to remember, or ride to forget – just remember to ride.

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A few recent shots of Fernleigh Track folk :

downhill to adamstown

a head full of light

stopped for a moment

hey !

in pink

who's walking who ?

heading home


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On a public holiday for all but essential services, the Fernleigh Track was full of cyclists this Good Friday morning, as well as pedestrians, skateboarders, dog walkers, high school sweethearts …. you name it ! And such a diverse range of ages too.

There were a mix of bike types, with road and MTB/comfort bikes predominating but I also saw tandems, 29ers, a Schwinn Coffee in black, a Raleigh Twenty, a snazzy “PK Ripper” fixie, and lots of family and roadie groups, kids bikes, trailers ….

Sadly I couldn’t get pictures of all these, as I was busy steering the tandem, but here are a few from today to give you an idea. Cycling is really coming along in Newcastle and the Lake, thanks in no small amount to the people behind the creation and success of Fernleigh Track. Now we need to see it linked to the other tracks beyond each end that will make it an even bigger success.

no hands ...

hangin' 5

tunnel #1

tunnel #2 - bike trailer

tunnel #3 - disappear in light

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Some pictures from a grey Wednesday’s half day ride to the Harbour and home :

fernleigh tunnel - southern entrance

Everyone I met was friendly today. Nothing like a bike to make you smile – and it’s catching.

my friend Vicki in Wheeler Place

Vicki's unique red speedwell

Here’s a link to Vicki’s blog Bicycles in Newcastle and her unique Speedwell bike .

fully equipped and the best wet weather bike i know ...

My Gazelle  —- I love this thing …

a reflective re-cyclist on the queen's wharf

i love these "toy tugs" - at wickham

a trawler ... wickham

the old plastic bag on the leather saddle trick - islington park

Wet weather gear —-  i had none.

the pedestrian bridge - throsby creek

back on the track - wet leaves at 25k's

the shooter shot

Shootout —- Bloggie vs. DSLR !

smile - i stole the moment !

A ride by shooting in Adamstown !

a tunnel abstract

A Bloggie lo-lite pic … in fernleigh tunnel

follow me home - jewells

The red shirt makes it!

wow - a gazelle cabby in belmont ?

Things are looking up! Nearly home and dry…

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I had some errands to run today, so I took the Fernleigh Track from Belmont to Burwood Road at Kahibah, then Kahibah road to Charlestown and to Kotara via the pleasant Raspberry Gully and Kullaiba Reserves, returning via the Track. There wasn’t much time for photos as the day was becoming unpleasantly hot, but I did click off a “lo-lite” sequence in the tunnel to see how the restored Malvern Star would look :

Perhaps a little indulgent, but fun to do ! The Sony Bloggie is the older model with the swivelling lens.

I am rediscovering the magic of single speed riding and though I do love my gears,  I only had to push up a few hills today and didn’t think the ride was any slower than on my geared bikes. There is a certain joy in responding to undulating terrain with varying cadence and effort. Fernleigh Track in particular is gradual, and doesn’t really need low gears at all to be enjoyed.

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I like bicycling and photography, especially when I can do them both together !   In the Fernleigh Tunnel on the cycle track near Adamstown there is a long row (c. 250metres) of sodium lights that casts a yellow-orange glow to the eye.

This magically shifts toward red on a long exposure in my Sony “bloggie” camera. To make use of this effect I use a moving subject that is travelling approximately the same speed as  the camera ( my bike, usually, or a cyclist in front of me )

This gives a distorted but recognisable image, compared with the near tunnel walls or ground that are blurred by the long exposure – usually 1-5 seconds as the camera tries to gather enough light to make the exposure. In the middle of the tunnel the redness is strongest, while near each end it is mixed with the daylight.

The process should work with any digital camera with “flash off”, and any bike with a bit of shine –  my favourite bike for this is my Gazelle because it has lots of shiny bits and a distinctively shaped front end :

This technique works well with self portraits too if you have a camera with lens and display on the same side, such as the “bloggie”. The strip “header” image of this blog was also made in the tunnel.

Here is a more abstract view of my old speedwell, to finish – I will add that I am careful to see that there is nothing coming in the opposite direction when doing “bloggie lo-lite” photography ! :

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