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Happy Cycling !

Waiting for the ferry and watching the ships – on Queen’s Wharf, Newcastle.


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This morning I was on an errand to Newcastle and was unable to ride all the way as I sometimes do – it’s at least 25 km one way for me – so I packed the Dahon into the hatchback, then drove to the closest free parking area. Having the little folder meant that I could park much further from the CBD than would be convenient for most people to walk, but of course on a bike even a kilometre or more is almost nothing at all.

folded, not crushed

Unfolding the Dahon, I made my way by all means necessary to Honeysuckle Drive (Wharf Road?) where things become a little more bike friendly…

honeysuckle drive

A short trip takes me to the foreshore – the cycle lane here is wide enough to avoid “dooring” as long as you are aware of the possibility.

Along the way, I spotted a young couple trying out a shiny new red “Papillionaire” brand bicycle…  a good omen for cycling in Newcastle, I thought.

a shiny new 3-speed

It’s possible to follow the foreshore for several kilometres on a bike, apart from that short road stretch between Wickham and Honeysuckle that has busy traffic but is relatively safe for riding as mentioned before. Here are some pictures I took this morning showing the wonderfully picturesque working port that is Newcastle Harbour and some nearby sights as well  :

this behemoth is named "pacific sun"

they must start at the stern when loading up!

there were 5 or more of these escorts waiting this morning

nobbys beach

the foreshore

dahon dreaming - the harbour again

As an aside, it’s amazing how many smiles (and occasional funny looks) you get as an adult on a 16″ wheeler.  They are super nimble on tight paths and almost as fast as a full size bike for the same rider. This one has a Sturmey Archer 3-speed with a very friendly clicking sound as it spins in second and third gears. It’s a 1982 model with a steel frame and wheels. For me, 16″ wheels are more appealing than 20″ on a folder, even if they are a little less practical over bumps and ruts in the road.

checking out newcastle beach

along the R6 cycle path at throsby creek

This enjoyable path is closed off partway along at the moment, for riverbank maintenance, with a temporary road detour provided.

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As a follow up to my post on the blue Raleigh Stowaway at Long Jetty, I was there again today only to find that it now has a brother bike. This one has a 3-speed Shimano hub similar to the 3s on my old Speedwell while the blue one is a single speed. I am yet to hear the story of these two bikes, but they at least brightened up an otherwise dull and cloudy visit.


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