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Well, I had a medical appointment in Newcastle, so I made the most of it from an early start :

fernleigh track duckpond

Cool morning with a wind chill …

gazelle in fallen flowers – adamstown

And a ferry ride later ..

stockton cemetery

I haven’t been to this cemetery before, and was the only one here today .

hunter river view

From the Stockton cycle path – one of the ever changing views.

cyclist in tunnel

I never tire of chasing odd “lo-lite” shots in here …

back on fernleigh track – i forgot – it’s school holidays …

All in all, a pleasant day stretching the Gazelle’s legs, as it were.

Ride to remember, or ride to forget – just remember to ride.


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Late afternoon “bloggie” photos on Fernleigh track – letting the low-light blur create its own atmosphere, as I am inclined to do:

an invitation to rest

child’s play

daydreaming at speed





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a bloggie lo-lite shot

gull wings

it’s getting there

a street cleaner

a lonely buoy


solar rays

gold and grey – a kind of beauty

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Awoke to stars, left under clouds …. racing from the dark and rain — only a couple of hardy ones on the track this morning. Light reflecting puddles in the city — I missed the worst and found the best, on a starry-cloudy morning :

harbour icon #1

harbour icon #2

the sky is falling

morning rise

shared path

into the trees

orica in grey

dreaming blur

Here’s to underwater sunlight.

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I had been thinking for a while to do a night ride and photo essay to Newcastle Harbour foreshore and back via Fernleigh Track. So, last Sunday night I put some water and basic tools in the Gazelle basket and set off.

I took my Sony bloggie pocket camera planning to take some low-light shots on the move – my favourite kind !  The track is not lit at all, except at road crossings and the tunnel, and that limited the images to mostly these areas and Newcastle itself. I had to rely on the hub dynamo and B&M Lumotec headlight to see anything – they work well for riding, though not casting enough light for photo images. I passed only 4 or 5 other riders, having set off at around 8pm and arriving back home at 11.15 pm, for a return trip of vaguely 50 km. Fruit bats, frogs and feral rabbits were the main animal life I saw or heard on the track.

I have edited the journey down to 16 impressions :



at dusk

parallel road

tunnel floor

toward darkness

adamstown heights

at wickham

carrington bridge

bulk loader

capacitor discharge

neon birds

gazelle abstract

park light

light trails

broadmeadow rail

look back

factory lights

Good night …

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Here are some simple pictures I took while getting about on the little Dahon folder this morning between Swansea and Belmont :


bird's eye view

shared path, Blacksmiths-Swansea

shoes in motion

ducks in a cul-de-sac, Belmont South

Black Ned's Bay, Swansea

3-D graffiti, Swansea

Shot with Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5 pocket camera.

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