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Just a quick update on the Long Jetty Raleigh Stowaways … there seems to have been an identity crisis of sorts!

Last time it was a blue single speed doing the advertising, now the red 3-speed has taken over the top job.

I liked to see them both together, but perhaps someone made a good offer for the blue one?

first there was one …

then along came another…

now the usurper

and the only one left

Now, I like a good mystery, but one day I’ll walk in and ask …




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As a follow up to my post on the blue Raleigh Stowaway at Long Jetty, I was there again today only to find that it now has a brother bike. This one has a 3-speed Shimano hub similar to the 3s on my old Speedwell while the blue one is a single speed. I am yet to hear the story of these two bikes, but they at least brightened up an otherwise dull and cloudy visit.


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I found myself wandering about in Long Jetty on the NSW Central Coast today – there weren’t too many bikes around, which is a shame, because The Entrance and Long Jetty are ideal riding spots with their seaside holiday ambience and moderate terrain (apart from the unpleasant traffic-heavy through roads).  Maybe I just chose the wrong day.

There are many shops selling old wares, craft, antiques and clothes in Long Jetty and outside one of them was this classic Raleigh Stowaway folding bike, decorated with flowers, as an attraction to passing shoppers. It looks as though it is mostly original and useable which is how I like to see old bikes … I am also sure that it was “not for sale”.

I have been on the lookout out for interesting folding bikes to photograph since recently acquiring a used Dahon to restore. These little central coast holiday towns would be great to explore on folding bikes, as they are too far for me to comfortably ride to, then back home from, in a day.

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