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I have already featured this bike in a previous post, but as I now have a slightly better camera, I thought I would reshoot it as I found it again today. This bike could have come from a post-apocalyptic “Mad Max” world where nuclear holocaust survivors struggle to live off the detritus of a burnt out civilisation.

I’m not sure how much WordPress lossily compresses detail, but if you can zoom in, check out the fine details on this masterpiece of backyard engineering. It’s almost organic …

I admire the heavy duty 2-litre water bottle holders, but I think I can see green algae growing in the water ???  Eeew ! Other interesting details include the wire toe clip straps and innumerable other assemblages of hose-clips, wire and rubber (?) strips – truly amazing !

an obscured view

ratty rear view

coincidentally, this is image #666 on my camera 

Appropriately, Laman Street in Newcastle also appears as a post apocalyptic mess, having been controversially denuded of all its majestic fig trees. You can see some of the sad stumps in the background and the bike is very well camouflaged making it hard to photograph clearly.

Laman Street now wins my award for Newcastle’s ugliest street …. but that’s a whole other story.

The bike, however, is marvellous …


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You may love motorised bicycles, or you may hate them, but there’s no denying that their owners go to great lengths to create something different !

from a standing start

to sitting pretty ...

Wished I could have got closer …

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In Laman Street Newcastle, famous locale of the Great Newcastle Fig Fiasco, where giant Ent-like Ancient Trees wait silently, coiled like brittle springs, to pounce on Unsuspecting Potential Litigants ( and thereby incurring the Great Wrath of the Council of Knaves ), there may at times be seen a sort of half-bicycle-half living creature chained to the Great Protective Fence of the Innocents…

Bio-Engineered from a humble mountain bike it has grown organically around the owner’s needs such that any other person would find it strange and difficult, an almost unrideable beast of rusted metal protrusions, strange fleshy padding and crumpled, ripped, soft-sculpture saddlebags…

There is a quality reminiscent of the functional bicycles of the developing world, where this machine would surely not look out of place, modified as it has been by sheer necessity.  It is beyond simple categorisation into style and brand name – which is no longer readable anyway…

As a working bicycle in this car-oriented country it belongs on a plinth in the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, conveniently just down the street – as an Object Worthy of Contemplation … I also think that the owner deserves an Arts Grant. Seriously.

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