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Here are a few more old Schrader caps in my collection, to add to a previous post :

variously from the US, UK and Australia

neat, aren’t they ?

Also, here are the details of an old Dunlop cycle tube vulcaniser patch kit in unused condition, from my youth  :

the patch kit as well

patch and clamp details

the underside of tin is the tube roughener


the reverse and the striker


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woohoo! – they’e working

Vintage Eveready battery bicycle torch (L) and Australian army torch (R).

showing the rear mounting of the eveready

In a previous post, I showed an old Eveready army style torch that could be fitted to a bike light bracket. The batteries were supposed to be a No. 701A, however I couldn’t find any info on them online.

original packaging

I was playing around with a couple of “D” cell batteries yesterday and something jogged my memory. A quick search of my box of bits came up with these adaptors, and the original pack off one of them tells the story. Whatever the 701A was, these plastic and copper adapters were designed to upgrade the torch to take the new-fangled (sic) “D” cells. From the wording, it would seem that the old 701 battery came with the copper tracks on it, as a complete unit, and now it’s only necessary to buy the “D” cells once you have the adaptor.

The adaptor with “D” cells fitted is shown below :

the side copper track is for the bulb, the top one for the switch, which is screwed down to make contact

Here are some pictures showing how the working light fits two of my bikes :

speedwell “popular” loop frame

the loop frame speedwell has a bracket as part of the headset group

mounted on an accessory bracket on front hub – speedwell diamond frame

the same bike

front view

Next up, a working vintage battery powered tail-lamp…

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Another one in my “Vintage Cycling Trivia” series, this single toe clip was found in my late Grandfather’s box of old bike bits. At least I know where it was made, but that’s about it !

ashby ace toe clip

Here also is a site for those interested in such vintage toe-clip trivia.

from the front

I rather like the diamond and heart shaped cut-outs and the interesting large strap cut-outs which are different from many other clip designs that have a small vertical strap loop at the very top. Having only the odd one means that it’s kept for nostalgia alone. I would be interested to learn of other  Ashby products, as there is not much info on the web.

upside down

from below

This clip looks very similar to the one called “Boa Constrictor” (lol !) in the attached link.

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